Kyrgyzstan has matured in plans somehow quietly. Mountains, lakes, nature, ancient cities, wild places. One day, they decided to go four together, two married couples. I read a lot of things, looked at photos and views, read travelers’ reviews and diaries, but there was one “but” – no one mentioned the car rental service.

Having rummaged through the Internet, we found out that not everything is so bad, and that we can rent a car in advance on the Internet, and pick it up in Bishkek. Of course, this is not Europe, but international car rental firms allow this issue to be resolved.

We flew to Bishkek in the morning on a direct flight, easily passed the control on a Russian passport, then the taxi drivers flew at us, but we proudly proceeded to the rental car distribution desk. True, at first they changed money for soms, the local currency. The rental car turned out to be quite acceptable, so immediately loaded things and hit the road.

Photo of Kyrgyzstan landscapes

Photo of Kyrgyzstan landscapes

The scenic road to Osh

They say that the road between Bishkek and Osh is one of the most beautiful mountain roads. I can not say that it is really the most beautiful, but there is something to see. The kilometer is about 600 kilometers, but along the road, there may be numerous herds of animals, rather bad sections of the road, and, of course, sights and species, for which time is also wasted. So the road to Osh took us 12 hours.

The first serious stop was already done at the Toktogul reservoir. A beautiful place surrounded by mountain peaks, where grasses bloom and sheep graze in the foothills. They walked, stretched their legs, and a little further stopped at a roadside cafe, eat, drink tea, relax. Tried the local cuisine. I will say that in all the cafes that we met about the same set of food – dumplings, lagman, shurpa, manti, tandoor cakes, and tea. So, there is no particular diversity.

Only mountains can be better than mountains!

Photo of mountains in Kyrgyzstan

Photo of mountains in Kyrgyzstan

I will not describe the whole trip, as it lasted two weeks, I will briefly tell you about the route. We arrived in Osh normally, and the pass was successful, our rented car went with us all the way safely, everyone was alive and healthy. In Osh, we spent the night, inspected the sacred mountain, and then went to the side of Issyk-Kul Lake, through Jelal-abad and Uzgen.

In Uzgen, we examined the architectural complex of the Karakhanid times, then we drove through Sary-Mogol. The city is certainly not the main thing, there is little left of the cultural heritage of the former kingdoms. The main thing is stunning mountains, snow-capped peaks, small and large lakes, the simple life of small villages and towns. And, of course, Lake Issyk-Kul.

There were, of course, minor troubles in our country, in the form of unexpected thunderstorms and precipitation, and a wheel on our car came down a couple of times. But this stuff. Basically, we all enjoyed the trip!