Travel to Indonesia is perhaps the most memorable for me. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we went there with her husband on a honeymoon trip. Therefore, a mixture of stunning nature and love made an indelible impression on me and I remember for a lifetime.

As I said, I rested with my husband. Long thinking, fly to Bali or Java, we still stopped on Java, although we still have to fly to Bali. Considering many hotels, we chose a hotel in the town of Garut, so it is among the mountains and rice plantations, so calm and quiet, and we really wanted to enjoy the greatness of nature.

Since we are very active tourists, we immediately rented a car in order not to depend on the schedule of public transport, and we didn’t really like to go on a guided tour.

Near the town is a small village Kaliurang, where we became acquainted with the local culture. And next to it is a special station, from where you can watch the volcano Merapi. The entrance for tourists is open, and we, of course, took the opportunity.

Photo of Merapi

Photo of Merapi

Borobudur Temple

Next, on a rental car, we went to one of the main noteworthy places in Indonesia – Borobudur Temple. Impressions were inexpressible. Since I practice yoga and I respect Buddhism with respect and admiration, for me it was a special place, saturated with inexpressible energy. Having read reviews, we knew that it was better to go there at sunrise or at sunset. We got there in the morning and watched a majestic and beautiful sunrise. When the scorching sun came out, it was impossible to be there, so we did not regret a bit that we had to get up early and go to the oldest temple of Buddhism.

Prambanan temple

The next day in a rented car, we went to conquer another beautiful temple complex Prambanan, which is also called the “Slender Maid”. Prambanan is the only Hindu temple in Indonesia, as everyone else is dedicated to Buddhism. We visited him at sunset, and the sight was magnificent. The temple is striking in its grandeur and beauty. We walked around the temple, along with a guide who told us many legends and secrets associated with this place. Anyone who plans to go to Indonesia, I recommend visiting Prambanan.

Photo of Prambanan

Photo of Prambanan

Bromo Volcano

But the most mysterious and exciting place for me was the Bromo Tengger Semeru, National Park. We went there for two days and stayed at a local hotel. A mandatory part of our program was a visit to the active volcano Bromo. We went there at night and were upstairs in the morning. It was very cold and warm jackets did not save. I advise you to take a hot drink. But the sensations, despite the cold, were incredible. The volcano smoked, a rumble came from the crater. It was heard as the lava boils. This place led, frankly, to a light stupor and it was even a bit scary. But the views are amazing, cosmic, I would even say.

Indonesia is a land of contrasts. Exotic nature, ancient temples, rice fields, breathing volcanoes – all this is fascinating and at the same time, you can find incredible peace by watching the unique nature.