Remembering the nature of Slovenia, many tourists are mountain landscapes, crystal clear lakes, green valleys and dense forests. This is a very plausible picture – most of the country is covered with vegetation. In addition, the Slovenian authorities are investing heavily in the landscaping of their territory – a huge number of trees are planted here every year, making an invaluable contribution to the preservation of the country’s natural heritage.

Roads of Slovenia

In order to see all this magnificence with your own eyes, it’s enough to drive a car outside the city limits. It is worth noting that in the country you can find a lot of representatives of rental companies. It is enough to choose online a suitable car for rent and book services. This can be done in advance, not waiting for the trip itself, and pick up a rental car directly at the airport.

In Slovenia, the roads are in fairly good condition, the only thing worth considering, many of them are paid. There is a small fee for driving on motorways – for this, tourists get vignettes. The exact fare varies depending on the rental car itself and the length of the journey. Driving through the Karawanken tunnel, separating Slovenia from Austria, will have to pay an additional fee.

Photo of the road in Jezersko

Photo of the road in Jezersko

Triglav National Reserve

Slovenia has one single national park, called Triglav. Located in the northwest of the country, the reserve occupies most of the Julian Alps. On its territory there is the same peak – in the heart of the national park.

A little of the history of the reserve

Triglavsky National Reserve began its history in 1924, when the local valley of the lakes received the status of a conservation area. This area did not immediately become a reserve, only some time later – in 1961. Mostly fir forests grow here. The modern scale of the national park was already in 1891, occupying 2,000 hectares.

Photo of the lake and mountains in the Triglavsky National Reserve

Photo of the lake and mountains in the Triglavsky National Reserve

Tourist infrastructure of the park

The reserve has opportunities for climbing. Many are attracted to active water sports: rafting or kayaking. In the winter season, ski resorts operate in the national park, where you can master the slopes of varying difficulty.

Fans of a relaxing holiday will love the waters of the Triglav Semiozerye – fishing is popular in this place all year round. Travelers are especially attracted to travelers. In the same area there are many waterfalls – the most picturesque of them is the Perichnik waterfall.

The air temperature in the reserve is quite comfortable in any season – in the summer the thermometers rise to +20 degrees.