Mi sister and my the eight-day trip to the Canary Islands, and in particular to the island of Tenerife, began with the fact that we arrived at the airport. In order not to depend on the schedule of public transport, we booked online car and using it we got to the Sol Princesa Dasil hotel, which is located in the eastern part of the resort town with the beautiful name of Los Cristianos. The hotel room was overlooking the sea, very spacious, with a balcony. Very pleased with the delicious buffet.

A trip to the volcano

Since we are active tourists, I want to tell you more about where we went and what places we visited. By itself, the island of Tenerife is small, from one end to the other can be reached in about an hour.

Tenerife, like other islands of this archipelago, is distinguished by its volcanic origin, therefore, having come here to rest, we, of course, set a goal to climb the main volcano, Fr. Tenerife – Teide.

Photo of Teide

Photo of Teide

Teide is considered the main attraction of the island. If you came to the Canaries and did not visit the volcano, it means that you were not in the Canaries. But seriously, then go there is definitely worth it. You can get to the volcano in several ways: you can take a tour from the tour operator or go on your own. There is a bus to Teide volcano, but we went there by rental car.

Incredible landscapes of the island

Already at a low altitude, it seems that he has fallen on another planet. With the help of the funicular, you can climb to a height of 3500 m, where the observation deck is located. From the site offers a stunning view. It can be called cosmic. It seems that I got to Mars. By the way, many films about alien life, as we found out, were filmed here. It is impossible to climb to the very top of the volcano since a special permit is required. But from the observation deck, which is only 160 m lower, the views are magnificent.

A little bit about the beaches

And so, our car trip is not over. Tenerife’s calling card is black volcanic sand beaches, which are very healthy. And we went to the famous Playa Arena beach in Los Gigantes in the southwest of the island. This beach is considered the cleanest and most beautiful in Tenerife. Honestly, black sand – it was something new, so we are accustomed to the golden paradise beaches. Wet black and looks like dirt, but it doesn’t stick to your feet like gold. And the Playa Arena beach is really very clean and we didn’t want to leave it, so the next day we returned here to enjoy this unique spectacle.

Photo of black sands of Tenerife

Photo of black sands of Tenerife

Jungle Park

If you crave for wildlife and real jungle, then be sure to visit Jungle Park. This park is located near our hotel, just ten minutes by car. Here we met many birds of prey, animals that were literally at arm’s length. Also here you can pet cute lemurs. As for the parks, it is also worth visiting Loro Park. This park is the most visited in Tenerife. Here you can see many species of animals, goldfish, and parrots. But the main feature of this park is the representation of the killer whales. It is difficult to imagine that almost the most dangerous whales in the world can be so cute and fascinating.

In conclusion, I can say that eight days turned out to be very little to visit the Canary Islands and I would like to come here again, as we simply didn’t have time to visit many wonderful places, and there are also other islands besides Tenerife! In general, the impressions of the rest were the most unforgettable and we promise to return.