Going to any country, you need to carefully examine the system of transport communication in its territory. Of course, if your vacation does not imply a permanent stay in a hotel complex or hotel. What you need to know about transport in Romania?

Railway and metro

Photo of a train

Photo of a train

Only in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, the metro functions. Connecting the main areas of the city with three branches, it is the fastest and most economical way to travel around the city. Opening hours from 5.00 to 23.30.

You understand the charm of the metro on weekdays, when buses are literally packed with people. This situation is relevant for almost any large city in Romania. At the same time, the municipal taxi can save the situation, prices in which are quite affordable. Find out the cars of this service can be on the label in the form of drafts on the door.

The railway runs across the country. On it ply trains and speed trains. It should be borne in mind that the cost of a regional bus will be much lower than the price of a train ticket.

Cars for rentcar

Many large rental companies operate in the country. Having booked a car for rent via the Internet, you can pick it up at the point of issue of the car. Car rental will be a comfortable way to travel, if you plan to visit tourist places. Almost all representatives of the rental companies have their own car rental desks at the airport, so you can immediately save money on the transfer to the hotel. To rent a car, you will need the rights of an international sample, and for making payment by credit card. Do not forget that driving in this country is allowed from the age of 21, and the rental price starts from about 30 euros per day.


Photo of an airplane

Photo of an airplane

As for air transport, there are as many as 12 international airports in Romania. There are also commercial harbors, but in order to fly inside the country, you will have to pay a rather large amount of money. Therefore, among the local population, as well as among travelers, this method of movement is not very popular.

It is worth noting that all the major airports in the country have an extensive infrastructure and are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable pastime. It will be a pleasure to have a rest during a transfer or while waiting for a delayed flight.

Other types of transport

In the warm season, you can use the services of water transport. Having a direct connection with Odessa and even Istanbul, travel agencies of the country often offer travelers on cruise ships or ferries. No less popular and boat trips along the shores of the picturesque cities of Romania.