When going on a trip to Israel, many think about how to travel around the country. It is not always convenient to ride on tourist buses, as the excursions take place on schedule, and there is no possibility to linger in one or another place, and the route of such transport does not provide for arrivals to all places of interest.

Shuttle buses in almost every city in the country stop their traffic from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Taxi rides are quite expensive. The best option is a rented car. Israel is a country with excellent roads and no traffic jams, so driving here will be a pleasure.

Renting a car in Israel for foreign citizens

Driving a car to another country is a big expense. The best option would be to rent a car and be content with a comfortable stay in the territory of another country.

Rental price depends on the brand and class of car. For example, a weekly rental of Hyundai Gets or another car of this class with full insurance coverage will cost about 915-920 ILS, which is around 16,000 rubles. The cost of renting a Ford Fiesta car will be much more expensive – a day from 200 shekels (about 3,500 rubles). But the Mazda 3 will cost 360 shekels per day (6,200 rubles). And for a representative class car, the BMW 5 Series will be asked for 850-1200 ILS (14700-20700 rubles) per day.

Photo of Jaffa

Photo of Jaffa

Documents for renting a car

get a car for rent Israel can the Guests from 21 to 75 years old. Some companies offer rentals from only 24 years old. To rent a car you will need to sign a contract. Some car rental companies take extra bail from young drivers who rent a representative car. Such a measure is necessary for a greater guarantee. Driving license must have duplicate data in English or it may be an international driving license.

What to see on the car?

Photo of Eilat

Photo of Eilat

A rental car allows you to cover many local attractions. The point where we left, the city Modiin. On the road, you should follow the highway numbers. Although the best guarantee will only navigation. The path between Jerusalem and Tel Avivin runs mainly through the desert plains. The final destination is the resort town of Eilat. The distance to be covered is approximately 340 km. On the way takes no more than 4 hours.

The city of Eilat itself was quite nice. If free time allows, then besides the coast of the Red Sea, there is something to see here. Shopping is best to go to the coast, where the main shops and souvenir shops for tourists. Many travelers go to the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve. There is a walking route here.