Denmark is a very small European country. If you decide to travel all over the country, you will certainly need a rented car, which can be booked in advance or upon arrival. In this small country, a large number of ancient castles and fairly impressive Scandinavian beaches, in general, everyone will find what they were looking for. The small size and proximity to Germany, Sweden, and Norway allow tourists to make a mini-tour of Europe with a suitable means of transportation. Let’s talk about the features of the road infrastructure of the kingdom.


As in Russia, right-hand traffic is everywhere in Denmark. Absolutely all the roads are in perfect condition. The rest of the rules are very similar to Russian realities: the

  • belt must always be fastened on all passengers in the car;
  • the dipped headlights must always be switched on;
  • You should not use your mobile phone while driving.

If you are traveling with children, then you need to take care of children’s chairs – they are also required.

Photo of Copenhagen

Photo of Copenhagen

Car rental

Most of the country’s population speaks two languages ​​- Danish and English. Even the basic knowledge of the latter will not leave you in trouble if you contact a car rental company anywhere in the state. The average cost of a rental car varies from 50 to 70 euros per day. It is important to know that the kingdom does not use the European currency, instead use the Danish krone. You can easily exchange your money in any branch of a local bank. Now let’s talk about the limitations that you can meet, rent a car in Denmark. The age limit for renting starts from 19 years, in some offices from 23. The driver must have experience – at least one year, the company may charge an additional fee from novice drivers. You will need to get a driver’s license of the international type, with the Russian sample there is a large proportion of the likelihood of disapproval of your candidacy. Citizens of Russia and other countries outside the European Union must apply their rights in addition to an international driver’s license. Also, you need to remember about the time difference, which is two hours behind Moscow.

Photo of Ansager

Photo of Ansager

Toll areas The

prevailing part of the roads in the kingdom is free, bridges are overpaid. Payment methods can be different:

  • cash;
  • on special cards.

For people who have chosen the first method, the lane to the checkout will be colored green, for the rest – yellow.

Knowing all the nuances of the Danish movement, you can spend more time relaxing, not thinking about the problems that arise. A rental car will allow you to go to the place that will attract you, even see the sights, which are located at a distance from each other.