Every experienced tourist has a moment when visiting Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt and Cyprus is over and you want to choose a new direction. Where to go on the first exotic journey? The answer is simple – choose boldly Thailand! It is better to go here in the velvet period – from November to February, when the weather is warm, but not very hot.

Transport in Thailand

If you do not plan to constantly lie on the beach, and want to visit interesting places, in Thailand it is not difficult. There are many places worth visiting, and moving between them is not a problem. Trains, although safe and comfortable, are rather slow and often linger. Therefore, a great idea would be to rent a car.

Photo of an auto rickshaw in Thailand

Photo of an auto rickshaw in Thailand

Rent a car in Thailand

On your own rental car, it will be easy for a tourist to get acquainted with the most interesting corners of the country, for example, with the sights of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. However, local roads are not in the best condition, so driving in a rented car will be a real adventure.

It is also worth remembering about the danger that comes from the locals. They often spoil the mood of travelers in Thai traffic. You can order a rental car from representatives of rental companies. Pick up and book a rental car will not be difficult if you use the services of car rental companies via the Internet You can pick up cars for rent at the rental counter at the airport, which will allow you to reach the hotel without a transfer.

Thai cuisine

Cuisine is the strength of Thailand, or at least the most exotic. Aromas, exotic flavors such as kaffir-lime, coconut milk, mango, tamarind, curry, like adults and children, and from the first moments fall in love with themselves.

In addition, there are dishes for any budget. The main dish of Thai cuisine with chicken or tofu, you can buy on the street for $ 1. Food is here at every turn, small eateries are found everywhere. In Bangkok, you can find charming restaurants at a very high level.

Photo of Thai fried rice

Photo of Thai fried rice

Price to quality ratio

In terms of prices, Thailand is an excellent choice. Often very good restaurants or luxury hotels, especially in the north of Thailand, offer much lower prices than similar ones in Europe. This is the best solution for budget travel.

Availability of shops

In Thailand, almost every corner you can find 7-Eleven stores, where you can buy everything you need, from cosmetics to food. This is especially convenient when traveling with children. If necessary, do not need to go to the other end of the city, because shops are available even in small towns.