Amsterdam is a multifaceted city that combines tradition and modern trends. Regardless of the season of the year, Amsterdam is full of events. Tourists will not be bored. A rental car will help you to get to know the city in full. Pick the right car rental company in advance so that you don’t have to waste precious time on the spot.

To inspect Amsterdam, even the most budget will be suitable cars for rent – the main thing is not to miss the most important holidays. Here you can visit:

  • carnivals and parades;
  • festivals;
  • unusual and national holidays.

Major Holidays

Photo of tulips in Amsterdam

Photo of tulips in Amsterdam

In spring, perhaps the most famous holiday in Holland, Tulip Day, is celebrated. A rental car in April will be most welcome – during this period tulip blooms begin. The whole city becomes like a big flower carpet. In Dam Square, lay out thousands of colorful tulips, which everyone can take for free.

When planning a vacation in April, you should consider holding this holiday and visit Dam Square to admire the tulips and choose a beautiful bouquet.

The orange holiday, the official name of which is Queen’s Day, is celebrated by Dutch people with cheerful processions, festivities, and performances of street musicians. The unofficial name of Queen’s Day acquired due to the fact that the townspeople wear orange clothes, the family color of the royal dynasty.

To create a good mood for a walk around the city on this day, bring some orange thing with you. All sorts of bazaars where you can buy unusual things will be interesting to visit.

Carnivals and parades

Noisy, costumed, funny – it’s all about the carnivals in Amsterdam. Fancy dolls, jesters, fairytale heroes walk around the streets of the city and strange constructions are driven by wheels.

The biggest event in Amsterdam is considered the parade of ships. In the north of Amsterdam, in the bay Hey, thousands of ships are gathering. This event is not annual, it is held once every five years. In the parade involved modern and ancient ships. So, here you can see the ship of the 17th century – a real combat sailboat.

The parade is interesting not only for the massive swim of various courts, for the spectators they organize various performances and competitions.

In late July, the city is the gay parade. At this time, the streets reign relaxedness and fun. People in bright costumes, often outspoken, gather on the embankments and streets of Amsterdam. The holiday ends with a parade in boats.

The Dutch have a sense of humor when celebrating Herring Day, which is celebrated in June. In the city, hundreds of stalls with lightly salted herring are placed. Anyone can try herring on the street.

Photo of the Folk Festival in Amsterdam

Photo of the Folk Festival in Amsterdam

City festivals

In Amsterdam, an annual festival of light takes place, as in many other cities in the world, this young festival has found loyal fans. The space in the city is transformed. Multi-colored installations on buildings and squares are amazing. Each year, choose the theme of the festival, which corresponds to all the works of light masters.

In the summer, theatrical actors with performances take to the streets of the city. Anyone can see interesting views right on the streets of Amsterdam. Each theater group tries to surprise with unusual costumes and decorations.

This is not all events that are held in Amsterdam, every month of the year is full of interesting events.