Sicily is an area and island of Italy, which is famous for its beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, and many architectural sights. The island washed by the Mediterranean Sea attracts a large number of tourists with its good service, incredibly delicious cuisine and rich culture.

What can you see in Sicily?

It is better to start your journey through Sicily from its capital, the city of Palermo. Also, for convenience, there are services that help pick up a car for rent in Italy, this will help save time on travel. To do this is the best in advance, which will significantly save time and money.

It is here, in the capital, you can taste the real Sicilian pizza, which will not leave indifferent any gourmet. In addition, the city has one of the most famous landmarks of the region, the Royal Palace or as it is called by the locals Palazzo Normanni. For a long time, the building served as the residence of the local kings, but today it houses the Siz name parliament. The palace complex includes an extraordinarily beautiful Palatine Chapel, in which masses are still held.

Photo of Palermo Cathedral

Photo of Palermo Cathedral

The main church of Sicily is also located in the city of Palermo. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a huge building, which can be traced Arabian-Norman, Gothic and classical style of architecture. Inside the temple are the relics of St. Rosalia, as well as the tombs of the Sicilian kings and the German emperors. A beautiful garden is located around the cathedral, and at the entrance, there is a magnificent fountain with a sculpture of St. Rosalia.

Where to go by rented car?

A rented car in Sicily will help you see the local active volcano, which is of great interest to tourists because it is the largest in Europe. Its eruption is accompanied by lava flow, ash, explosions, and volcanic gases. All this creates an extraordinary spectacle, which comes to see many Sicilian residents, journalists and guests of the island. Also, around Etna, there are many reserves that can be visited when the volcano sleeps.

Not far from the volcano Etna is an extraordinarily beautiful resort city called Taormina. It is located on the picturesque slopes of Mount Tauro and attracts tourists with its magnificent beaches, unique nature and the famous art festival, which takes place annually on the remains of the Greek theater of the 2nd century.

Photo of Etna

Photo of Etna

Destination – the picturesque Valley of the Temples

Another remarkable place that you definitely need to visit on the island, taking a rental car in Sicily, is the Valley of the Temples. It represents a whole complex of ancient temples dating from the 5-6th century BC. Here you can see the remains of buildings that are dedicated to Zeus, Hercules, Juno, Eskulapus and others. In addition, in the valley are the ruins of the Temple of the Concord and the Temple of Dioscuri.

Sicily is an unusually beautiful region of Italy, which has a long history, a great cultural heritage, and unique flavor.